Canadian Customers

by | Nov 26, 2019

Other Services & Countries We Repair Clocks From

About 90% of my business is cuckoo clock repairs from Internet customers from all across the United States that have found my website online and a few from clock shops that don't repair cuckoo clocks.

Although I still do mechanical clock repairs for friends and family, and sometimes their friends and family, I've chosen to focus my passion to repairing your treasured family heirloom cuckoo clocks. My shop is a full time operation dedicated almost entirely to these wonderful enchanting timepieces! Some of these clocks are worth a lot of money, but most might only bring a small price if they were to be sold.

However, the sentimental value attached to these clocks often makes them priceless to their owners. Hardly a day goes by when I don't hear a story from one of my customers about a cuckoo clock that their Grandfather, Father or Brother brought home while in the Service and was in need of repair and they just couldn't find anyone to repair it. I have restored cuckoo clocks from all 50 States, several from Puerto Rico, some from the Virgin Islands, several come in to the shop each year from Canada and a few years ago one cuckoo clock came all the way to my shop from Lebanon believe it or not! In December 2019 we celebrated our first cuckoo clock repair coming into our shop from Mexico! .

We gladly restore clocks from Canada. The shipping is only slightly more for you and from what I've heard from my customers in Canada there is a high demand for cuckoo clock repair there. Because of that, the prices and quotes for repairs in Canada easily reach $500-600 C. With the U.S. and Canadian dollars being roughly par, you can save a lot by sending your cuckoo clock down South for a little while. I'll take good care of both you and your clock and you can save a lot of money in the process. I will simply weigh your packed clock when I receive it and then I can generate you an invoice with the repair price and the return shipping.

I'm sorry I don't speak French or Spanish, but I do get cuckoo clocks and questions from folks about their cuckoo clocks coming to me from all over the world. Don't let a little language barrier stop you from saving money on your repair cost, troubleshooting your clock or getting the answers you need to your cuckoo clock questions.