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Cuckoo Clock Doctor
The Cuckoo Clock Doctor
Bringing Cuckoos Back From Extinction, One Clock at a Time!
My Granddaughters say, "If your cuckoo is sick, our Papa will make it tick"!

The FIXED PRICE is for a COMPLETE Teardown and OVERHAUL of YOUR original clock
movement, any number of animations and re-covering the bellows.  Included in this price are
missing linkages, nuts, screws and plastic hands. This price is for clocks made after World
War II and covers 90% of all the clocks I receive.  I can and will repair your antique
pre-war  clocks with count wheel strike movements but I would have to see it to determine
the exact price.   If you don't know what you have just send me a photo of the open back of
the clock showing the clock movement it carries inside and I can tell you right away by
email.  Again, 90% of all the clocks I repair fall under the fixed price of $319 including return
shipping.  If you have reservations or don't know how old your cuckoo clock is feel free to
send me photos of the open back of the clock showing the movement if you have any
concerns about what your true costs will be.  I'd rather be honest with you up front and I will

I can supply missing weights, pendulums, wood or bone hands, bellows, music box governors
and other major parts should your clock need them for a modest price.  I will install however
many bushings needed to make your clock like brand new again.  If the clock is complete with
all major parts this is my fixed price.
Note: For clock shops and dealers, I appreciate your business but I can only accept up to 3     
clocks at any one time so that I can keep a tight schedule for my individual customers with
family heirloom clocks which is where my main focus lies.

This Price applies to ANY Post World War War Two cuckoo clock regardless if it is 1 or 8 day
movement, with or without music box, regardless of the number or animations it may have,
spinning dancers included,  and clocks with "oompah bands" also.  If it was made since WWII
that is all you will be charged.  The only exceptions are the Schatz 8 day clock made in the
1950's.  It will say Schatz on the front of the case.  These weren't made for long and parts
aren't available.  These have excellent movements inside as they are constructed very well
and are a very unique design that are a little more difficult and time consuming than most to
rebuild.  They can still be repaired however but I have to charge slightly higher for them.  The
second exception is clocks that carry the Regula 72 three train musical movement inside with
the endless worm gear drive to govern the speed of it's music box.  These are similar to pre
1939 three train musical movements and about as difficult to rebuild.  I charge a little higher
for these but the price comes out about the same as a typical musical cuckoo clock that needs
the governor unit attached to it's music box replaced.

So, what all this means is that for 90% of the clocks I repair the

 Fixed Price is $319 U.S. Dollars Effective 1/28/14 good still through
une 1 2019 when I will reevaluate my pricing.

That's Right,  
I will pay the Return Shipping Costs in the U.S!
Free Delivery Confirmation with a
  Tracking Number I will Send You.

For all my customers outside the U.S. I will add your actual  return
shipping costs to your invoice.

If the clock is over 15 years old and carries a music box inside it is possible that the music box
governor unit is too worn out to be re-bushed and repaired.  I have to replace the governors on
about half of the music boxes that come into my shop. These governors control the speed at
which the tunes play and once they begin to go bad the music box will    I can provide these
installed for $60 and any other music box parts for a modest fee.

Please note for customers with especially large and heavy cuckoo clocks I am happy to handle
these but there will be an additional charge to help with the return shipping.  Although they are
rarer to see some of these clocks can be quite massive and the free return shipping applies only
to average to moderate size cuckoo clocks.   

That's It  
$319 Total for most cuckoo clocks.

Although this is a price increase over last years, my costs from suppliers has gone up significantly
since my last price change as well as a dramatic increase in shipping costs.  I have also factored
in my desire to help those people with a family heirloom clock that no one else can or will repair.  I
have always gladly repaired auction finds and estate sale cuckoo clocks and I will continue to do
so for customers but I want to concentrate on family heirloom clocks and their restorations which
is where my main focus lies.

Quail and Trumpeter Clocks and Antique Cuckoos with wooden plated
: I do repair antique Quail and Trumpeter clocks and antique pre 1900 cuckoo
clocks with wooden plated movements both for individuals, dealers, and clock shops. However,
these clocks are a specialty item, and there will be a slightly higher charge. Please contact me for
an estimate, and to schedule time for your restoration, as this will enable me to keep my
schedule for my individual customers with their family heirloom clocks which again is where my
main focus lies.

I accept personal checks, postal money orders, and international money orders
made out in U.S. Funds

Now I know you have questions, every customer of mine does.

Papa, what do I do now? How does this all work? How do I pack the
clock?  Do you charge for estimates?
NO  Do I send a deposit with the clock or
money up front?
NO  When do I pay you?  When I finish work on your clock
and begin testing it I will send you an email invoice and explain how to pay.
don't need deposits or money up front and I don't charge for looking at a
clock to determine what is wrong. I've built my business on straight talk, fixed
prices, and rebuilding YOUR own original movements so I'm happy more than
happy to tell you what is wrong with your clock without charging a fee.


If there is a decorative headpiece that clips to the roof off the clock, remove it and
keep it safe with you unless your headpiece has broken and needs to be put back
together.  Some headpieces have antlers which are very brittle so to be safer just keep
that part with you. Many cuckoos like chalet style don't have these roof pieces so you
won't need to remove anything on those.

I need your pendulum so carefully wrap "the little leaf on a stick under the clock" as
these clocks can be sensitive to their own pendulums! I do not need your weights as I
have a large supply here to run my customer's clocks with!  If you would just weigh
your weights in grams and let me know how much yours weight.  On modern cuckoos
there may be a number stamped into the weights that corresponds to their weight in
grams but antique weights will have no such markings on them.  The problem is that a
loose weight can and will go flying through the side of the box like a missile if it is
mishandled in shipment. Please put your clock in a plastic shopping bag like you get at
Wal-Mart or Target.  If it won't fit just use 2, one on each end of the clock.  That
keeps it protected from the plastic peanuts, shredded or balled up paper, or however
you choose to pack your clock.  

Please put your
name, address, phone # and email address on a piece of paper
and put it in the box. This is for extra safety during shipping and is also a huge
help to me when a clock first arrives at my shop both in writing the invoice
ticket and identification tags as well as in contacting you directly to let you
know your clock arrived safe and give you my initial impression of it's
mechanical condition. I know every clock in my shop by name and refer to
them as such but our invoice tickets and identification tags are used for your
clocks safety as well as our record keeping!

Mail it with delivery confirmation to:

John  "Papa" Barnette
14500 Highway 57        
Moscow Tennessee, 38057     

IMPORTANT: Please email me or telephone and make contact with me
before you ship your clock.  That way I can be on the lookout for it.
 I just
want you to feel safe about your clock.  When I receive your clock, I'll send
you an email that it got here all right.  I work on clocks in the order they come
to me, so when I start your clock I'll email you.  At that time please pay me by
personal check, postal money order, or international money order in U.S.
Funds .  When your clock is ready I will email you after I've shipped it and
provide you with a tracking number.  I will include written instructions and
there are instructions on the website on how to set it up and keep it running.  
If you have any questions while I have your clock or have trouble setting it up
or for any reason just give me a call or email me and I'll help you.

Thank you so much for letting me repair your treasured clock!

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