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Cuckoo Clock Doctor
The Cuckoo Clock Doctor
Bringing Cuckoo Clocks Back From Extinction, One Clock at a Time!
My Granddaughters say, "If your cuckoo is sick, our Papa will make it tick"!
My workshop telephone and voice mail #
is  Area Code 901-828-1220. When I'm in the shop working those
phone calls usually go directly to my voice mail where can I listen
to them when I'm not concentrating on a clock.  When I take a
break and have my hands free of a cuckoo clock  I will return
your call as soon as I am able.  Please feel free to use the
telephone and call me for any questions you might have regarding
me repairing your cuckoo clock or cuckoo clock questions in
general.  I'm always happy to help you!  

I gladly answer all cuckoo clock questions from all over the world
that people have about my cuckoo clock repair service or a
problem they may be  having with their cuckoo clock and need to
troubleshoot.  In many cases you can solve lots of minor issues
yourself with a little help and information from me and that
information is FREE.  If you just have simple cuckoo clock
questions please send me an email.  I keep very buy in my shop
repairing cuckoo clocks for my customers and I will gladly answer
your questions as time permits and get back to you as soon as I
am able!  I get so many questions every week it is impossible to
make calls back all over the world at my expense when I can
email you simple answers for free!  
email :

John "Papa" Barnette
14500 Highway 57
Moscow Tennessee, 38057

that I will know to expect your precious cuckoo clock.  I prefer that you ship via US
Post Office and send it with delivery confirmation as in my experience The United
States Post Office handles their packages more carefully however you are welcome
to use another carrier such as UPS or Fed Ex if you desire as they all deliver to my
shop regularly. Thank you in advance for your business and I look forward to
restoring your family's treasured cuckoo clock.

All the best, PAPA
Cuckoo Clock Repair
by Mail.  Cuckoo Music
Boxes and Bellows Repair!
cuckoo clock repair, black forest
cuckoo clock repair, german clock
cuckoo clock repair, cuckoo clock
  We specialize in cuckoo clock repair!  I can repair any model of
German made cuckoo clock!  Black Forest cuckoo clock repair for
any and all models no matter when it was built or what condition it
is currently in your clock can be made as good as brand new
again!  I restore all cuckoo clocks including those with music boxes
and any and all various animations!  Antique cuckoo clocks
restored to like new condition! Customer satisfaction is my prime
concern and I know once your clock leaves my shop you will be
able to enjoy it once again for decades to come!