John "Papa" Barnette
14500 Highway 57
Moscow Tennessee, 38057

We are located in Moscow, Tennessee USA about 30 miles east of Memphis.  My
granddaughters call me Papa.  I am a certified "cuckoo" clockmaker, certified horologist as
well as a watchmaker.  Some of my fondest memories from childhood revolve around watches
and clocks.  As soon as I started wearing wrist watches (the wind up kind back in the dark
ages),  when they would slow down we sent them to "Uncle Doc" who was a watchmaker in
Texas.  I would watch the mail and pretty soon my watch would arrive all shiny and running on
time.  Uncle Doc would put a note in the envelope with an amount just for parts, and I would
gather up my lawn mowing money and send it to him.  I grew up watching my other family
members do the same.  I was amazed that someone could actually make them work, and thus
began a quest for how time pieces worked and eventually how to repair them and keep them

In my early teens, my brother-in-law was the pastor of a local church.  He had a prominent
member who collected and repaired clocks.  Pretty soon clocks started becoming part of my
life.  I remember when I was about 12 my mother received an 1880's Seth Thomas 30 hour clock
for an anniversary present.  I watched her wind that clock everyday up until I left home to be
married.  It was always a pleasure to see how much enjoyment she got out of that clock and
her daily ritual of winding it.  Here it is 33 years later and that clock had never stopped.  Earlier
this year I had the privilege of a lifetime.  I overhauled her clock for her and now she is again
winding that clock everyday.

All my family has clocks and one of my brothers has quite a varied collection.  It has been my
privilege to keep his clocks running.  Every time I'm home I wind his clocks and set the ones
that have run down.  

I work on all kinds of mechanical clocks but have specialized in cuckoos and only do regular
clocks and quartz watch overhauls for family, friends, and members of my church.  And I admit I
sometimes take in clocks from their friends and total strangers who see the "Cuckoo Clock
Doctor" signs on my Jeep and flag me down.

My passion is cuckoos.  I've heard some same you have to be crazy to work on clocks and
cuckoo to work on cuckoos.  You better send the white coats after me because I'm certifiably
crazy about working on your cuckoo clocks.


The Cuckoo Clock Doctor
Bringing Cuckoos Back From Extinction, One Clock at a Time!
My Granddaughters say, "If your cuckoo is sick, our Papa will make it tick"!
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