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Cuckoo Clock Doctor
The Cuckoo Clock Doctor
Bringing Cuckoos Back From Extinction, One Clock at a Time!
My Granddaughters say, "If your cuckoo is sick, our Papa will make it tick"!
Now I know you have questions, every customer of mine does.

Papa, what do I do now? How does this all work? How do I pack the clock?  Do you charge for
NO  Do I send a deposit with the clock or money up front? NO When do I pay you?  When  
your clock is finished with the restoration process and up and running perfectly on my test wall I will
send you an invoice and how to pay.
 I don't need deposits or money up front and I don't charge for
looking at a clock to determine what is wrong. I've built my business on straight talk, fixed prices, and
rebuilding YOUR clock's own original movement so I'm happy to tell you what is wrong with your
clock without charging a fee.


Select a box slightly larger than your clock so that there can be cushion material placed all around it.
The main worry would be if the box were to take an impact on a side while traveling and a cushion of material on
all sides will protect the clock.  You can use styrofoam peanuts, wadded or shredded paper, bubble wrap or any
such packing material of your choice to give a nice cushion all the way around your treasured clock.

If there is a decorative headpiece that clips to the roof off the clock, remove it and keep it safe with you.  Some
headpieces have antlers which are very brittle so to be safer just keep that part with you. Many cuckoos like
chalet style don't have these roof pieces so you won't need to remove anything on those.  If your decorative
headpiece is broken or damaged you are welcome to send it along and I will repair it for you along with your clock.

DO need your clock's pendulum as they are sensitive to their own so carefully wrap "the little leaf on a stick
under the clock" and send it in the box along with your clock.  I do
NOT need your clock's pine cone weights and
it is much safer to ship your clock without them.  The problem is that a loose weight can and will go flying
through the side of the box like a missile if it is mishandled in shipment and might damage your clock.  If you
would kindly let me know what weights your clock has I will use my own shop weights to run your clock with
while it is here.  Most weights will have a number cast into them that corresponds to their weight in grams and
you can simply let me know what this number is however some do not have a number visible especially antique
weights. If your weights do not have a number cast in them you can simply weight them on a postal scale and let
me know how much they weigh.  Please put your clock in a plastic bag like you get at Wal Mart or Target or a
plastic garbage bag.  If it won't fit just use 2, one on each end of the clock.  That keeps it protected from the
plastic peanuts, shredded or balled up paper, or however you choose to pack your clock.  

Please put your
name, address, phone # and email address on a piece of paper and put it in the box.  
Having your contact information in the box with your clock is a huge help to us when one first arrives at the
shop both in checking it into the shop and in quickly contacting you to let you know your clock has arrived safe
and give you my initial impression.
For safety's sake, I prefer you use the U.S. Mail and ship it with delivery confirmation.

John Barnette
14500 Highway 57
Moscow Tennessee, 38057

IMPORTANT: Please email me or telephone the shop to make contact with me before you ship your
clock.  That way I can be on the lookout for it.  
I just want you to feel safe about your clock.  When I
receive your cuckoo, I'll send you an email that it got here all right and has been checked into the
shop.  I try and complete clocks in the order they come to me, so when I finish with yours and begin
testing your clock I'll email you to let you know it is just about ready to fly my coop and come home
and send you your invoice.  At that time please send me a personal check, postal or international
money order made out in
U.S. Funds  and add your return shipping costs to the price.  When your clock is ready I will email you
after I've shipped it and provide you with a tracking number.  There are instructions on the website
on how to set it up and keep it running.  If you have any questions while I have your clock or have
trouble setting it up or for any reason just give me a call or email me and I'll help you.

Thank you so much for letting me repair your treasured clock!

Packing & Shipping Instructions
Cuckoo Clock Doctor