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Antique The USA  Provides services for dealers and antique restoration.  Antique
dealers directory

Antique Grandfather Clocks A great selection of antique grandfather clocks. Nice site to peruse!

Clocks Magazine http://   History of Westclox clocks and watches, and history of  
Telechron, Seth Thomas and Standard Electric Time Company clocks. Historical Clock and Watch Research</a> An online
library of British and Irish clock and watchmakers details

Clockmaker's Newsletter by Steven Conover who has wriitten some of the best clock
books you can buy

Crystal FIt USA  Crystals for Any Watch!

Dave West Clocks
Antique and Collectable Clocks ... And Much More!  Suppliers of precision and specialist tools for horologists, ceramicists,
jewellers and craftspeople

DASHTO  Tom Mister's site for watch parts and watch related tools.  Click the box!

1800-TIME CLOCKS: Employee Time Clocks and Time Attendance Software
Description: 1800-Time Clocks offers a wide variety of employee time clocks, time
attendance software, biometric time clock software, time stamps, time
cards, and supplies. Free shipping, software demo's, and support.

GPS Global Positioning System   http:

Greenwich Mean Time GMT

Arlington Clock Repair
Clock repair for the greater D/FW Texas area by a Certified Clockmaker with 30 years experience.

Joe Monincx
Fine Wood Craft & Excellent Wood Clock Kits www/

Mike's Clock Clinic
Mike Murray is the most experienced Atmos Clock Repairer and Instructor in the country.

Merritt's Clock & Watch Repair Supplies & Tools

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Phil Coleman's website devoted to amateur
clock making  

Rene' Rondeau Rene' is a leading authority on Hamilton Electric watches. Large selection of Hamilton Electric and
mechanical watches for sale.

The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors         

NIST National Institute of Standards & Technology

The American Watch and Clockmakers Institute

The British Horological Institute

The Sky this week

Time Clocks
We stock major brands of employee time clocks,
including Acroprint, Amano, Icon Time, Pyramid, Isgus,
Infini Time Systems, watchman, and Widmer time clocks.

Timesavers Clock Supply

The Clockmaker's Gallery

U.S. Naval Observatory

Watch U Seek, Watch Bands etc.

World Statistics Clock                

Worldclock   <

World's Largest Cuckoo Clock
attractions7.htm - Antique Tips, Resources & Guides

Adams Brown Company

A History of Time

Alarm Clocks at  Shop a huge selection of alarm clocks & watches at discount prices.http://www.

John Shadle’s site. Superbly crafted clocks.

Marc Tovar's site. Wood movement clock plans for sale.

Rick Hutcheson's site. Wood clock movement plans for sale.

The Thomas site. Several wood movement grandfather and wall clock plans for sale.

Brian Law's site. Free wood movement clock plans. Has great 3D computer renderings of the finished clocks.       http:

Camden Books (many book titles, including John Wilding’s books)

The British Horological Institute – a great site. Much interesting information. Books by John Wilding, W R Smith,
John Tyler and E J Tyler are available. The BHI also sells a kit for the Repton clock.

Guy Lautard’s site. US and Canadian clockmakers may get copies of Colin Thorne’s books from this site which
includes pictures of these clocks - very useful if you don’t know what they look like!
watch display boxes - Wooden & Leather display and storage cases for cufflinks, pens and
watches. We offer solutions for both the beginner or ardent collector

W R Smith's a
rticle on sharpening and using the clockmakers graver on a lathe.
Very comprehensive advice for beginners and for the experienced alike

Kits for wooden clocks.

Clock kits for those without machines. Expensive, but nice designs and fine looking pieces of
solid metal.

Brass and steel supplier for clocks as well as cut wheels and pinions for John Wilding's and Bill
Smith's clocks. Books on clock design by Lionel Bowen and John Payne.          

Mark Headrick's site. He is a professional watch and clock repairer in the USA with a great site with animations of
escapements and a wealth of information. Well worth a visit.

Clayton's wooden clock site. Original designs in wood.

Clocks Magazine web site.

Know of more useful clock links not listed here? email me with details and I will include them in
this list. Everyone will benefit.

Non Horological Web Sites


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We offer the best cuckoo clock repairs! We repair and restore all cuckoo clocks made in the Black
Forest!  Your German cuckoo clock repair and restoration Headquarters!
No matter what model
cuckoo clock you have, when it was built or what condition it is currently in, I can make it as good
as brand new once again!  Antique cuckoo clocks restored to like new condition!
Hello friends and welcome to my Horological Links Page! Below you will find some great links to some
of my favorite clock and watch related sites as well as some other great Horological sites!  There's
also a few links that are of course related to our beloved cuckoo clocks as well for your enjoyment!  I
will be adding more great links in the near future just as soon as I am able so come back soon and  
stop by anytime!  I hope you find
the links on this page interesting and useful!  To read more about
the cuckoo clock repair I offer please click on my Home page at the top of the menu you see to your
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