If you or your spouse didn't grow up with a cuckoo you could hear at
night, this sometimes causes a problem for your partner..  I don't
normally put in new movements, but in these cases cuckoo lovers can
get some sleep and enjoy their beloved cuckoos.   Below is a Rare 8 day
Automatic Shut Off movement that is only found in the most expensive
cuckoos.  I now have a source for these German Automatic Shut Offs
and I can put one in your 8 day clock.  The installed price of a new 8 day
German movement with hands free Auto Shut Off AND servicing your
music box if you have one, and putting synthetic fabric on your bellows  
$375.  This include free return shipping to your home with delivery
confirmation and tracking.

8 Day Auto Shut Off - Set the lever once and forget it and it will shut
itself off  each and every night and turn back on in the morning.  You
won't have to ever do anything else.  INSTALLED PRICE  including
Return Shipping


I can put this in any 8 day
cuckoo clock case! .

It shuts off the cuckooing
and music at 9 p.m. and
every morning it turns it
back on automatically.  If
you want it play overnight
you just move the lever on
the side or the rod that will
come out of the bottom of
your clock!
New Service by Popular Demand

Manual Night Shut offs Available
for 1 or 8 day cuckoo clocks!

Rare AUTOMATIC Night Shut off
for 8 day clocks.
Photos Below